About This Shop

Interesting pieces, handcrafted items & quirky finds for your home & creative spaces.

Plus charming keepsakes, digital goods & designed items that stand out and catapult your style.

MAYRA YADIR is all about visual expression

That’s the mojo at the crux of my collections:

… a celebration of eclectic motifs, illustration art, and mixed designs that communicate warmth and joy through aesthetic and inspired means

Because we all need beautiful things — at home and in our creative spaces — to engage our minds, enrich our hearts, and excite our imaginations with colorful possibilities.

Designed or sourced by an eco-friendly working artist

As a working mixed media artist, my shop’s items are inspired by:

  • an affinity for design,
  • thrifting adventures,
  • and artistic inclinations 🤍

I’m delighted to welcome you here — the one spot online where creativity, craftsmanship, and second-hand gems collide and await your discovery.

Adorn your world and visually express yourself!

Enjoy handcrafted pieces and hand-selected finds👇🏾

  • visual art,
  • digital products,
  • keepsakes & trinkets,
  • designed apparel,
  • and much more!

Sustainable & Handcrafted

Every sketch, stroke, and stitch is lovingly made and stands upon years of design, textile, and artistic expertise accrued across decades
Local & Reuse
I work with thrift store finds and second-hand items whenever possible; this includes art supplies, paper goods, textiles & more
The reuse nature of my listed items means I’m continuously sourcing found materials and rescuing them from our dumpsters and landfills
A Human Touch
Unlike mass-produced items, handcrafted pieces and artworks exude a one-of-a-kind beauty, creative personality, and unforgettable charm
My collections include design templates, printables & more

For online projects, I totally gotchu ✊🏽

When your creativity spills over into inboxes, blogs, social media, and more, you need beautifully designed digital designs, templates, and downloadable resources to take center stage.

That’s why my collections include a range of digital designs and templates; they’re the perfect fit for personal branding, small business, and special occasions.

So take your visual communications to new heights, captivate your audiences, and *get noticed* with my digital goods!