Introduction to Mixtura

Mixtura 🙏🏽

The English translation of the Spanish word mixtura is “mixture.”

Oxford Languages further defines the word as:

“a combination of different qualities, things, or emotions in which the component elements are individually distinct.”

To my mind, this word — mixtura — is so appropriate and meaningful.

It accurately describes what I believe artists from all walks of creative life do:

We blend our passions for image-making and creative production with our various skills, numerous techniques, and bounty of life experiences to produce an aesthetic output that is, to each of us, individually distinct.

That very blending/combo-vibe is the inspiration behind my artwork.

My own mixed media art, too, is brought to life by the purposeful bringing together of interesting textures, a rainbow of pigments, and all kinds of textiles.

That’s the essence of mixed media art: the mixing and matching mediums to produce something visual that would otherwise not exist without the combining of elements.

Literal blending aside, this blog also aims to share its own blend of ideas and studio life happenings.

That means readers will enjoy a medley of topics here, including 👇🏾

  • resources for mixed media lovers, creatorpreneurs, visual artists, art journalers, and more;
  • tips and tutorials featuring creative strategy and a range of design approaches;
  • product design inspiration and collection launches;
  • behind-the-scenes footage;
  • special events and promotions;
  • and as shop updates!

In closing

In addition to the above, here’s what I really want you to know:

… that if you’re like me — an incurable mixed media, art journaling, and digital design person — that appreciates a range of creative topics and inspirational adventures, then this blog ** is for you! **

Let’s connect and support each other on our creative journeys.

Find me on social media 👇🏾 and let’s befriend each other!

I look forward to learning more about you and welcome conversations and friendship 🙏

Yours in visual expression,