4 Places to Source Vintage Papers for Paper Art & Mixed Media Projects

Vintage papers add great delight and visual whimsy to most any mixed media or paper art project.

Finding weathered pages from yesteryear to incorporate into creative projects is always a fun adventure; at least for most folks.

I say ‘most folks’ because unless you’re someone actively collecting this type of old, worn paper, most people don’t usually such stashes readily available.

Luckily, those who ARE on the vintage-paper-hunt have several options to start sourcing from, including 👇🏾

1) Thrift stores & used book stores

Older books — like those printed in the 1950s or earlier — are a great source of vintage paper(s).

These kinds of dated books are usually available at most any thrift or used book store.

Garage sales are also a great source of older books as well.

2) Your home

Sometimes tracking down older papers and worn book pages for upcycling is as easy as searching your own home.

So don’t forget to scour your own shelves, drawers, basement, or garage to see what you can find.

3) Online marketplaces

Another option for sourcing vintage papers is an online marketplace, like an Ebay or Etsy, that sell all kinds of small stacks or huge lots. The sky’s the creative limit with those bundles, I swear, but just make sure you read the details of what you’re purchasing before you buy.

4) Your local community

Posting your search onto an online group — specific to your immediate geographical location — can be a fantastic source for vintage paper scores.

Once I myself had posted onto a local community group; I shared I was searching for discarded, unwanted, and older books and magazines. In that post, I mentioned that if anyone had any such books etc. and was willing to donate toward a local art cause, that I would happily take the “clutter” off their hands or shelves.

The response to that post, I recall, was *overwhelming* and I scored big and racked up tons of vintage paper for countless projects.

Whichever way you source your vintage paper, once you track some sheets down, there are some important considerations to think about BEFORE you totally go for it OR purchase from any seller.

But more about those considerations in a future post 🙏🏽 🙂